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Ouch, Trio Surprise! Women Got De' Edge! by ColorGuardSweetHeart Ouch, Trio Surprise! Women Got De' Edge! by ColorGuardSweetHeart
Ok Rough Draft for my full picture.. I just couldn't wait to post since I closed at work last night got off around 1 AM something, I stayed the night working on my art work and the story that goes along with this.. It's been two weeks so far (at least I think it has) since I started this drawing I just couldn't wait to get out there. Also THANK YOU FANFICTION for adding the story cover part, that motivated me to start this and many story covers.
This will be the official story cover but I have several teaser story covers starting up... This one's the first the others include different words from the title the stories called.
Destinies Intertwined Toils & Fates! The Ghostly Trios and the Friendlies, All in One Horrible Mix Up or Hand Of Fate!
Since I can't exactly connect this with one chapter I'll add this the Summary for the story: (recently elongated just for this site)

The Ghostly Trio never thought they’d be they’d be upped, ousted, and duped ever in their afterlives. But suddenly it seems somebody is taking their gig. Not just stealing it but they stole their whole rep. Who are these frauds? Only they could scream one thing as they came back out of their comatose state. There in front of them holding a taser, a bat, and frying pan were three transparent figures like them looking more than pleased with the sudden intruders. Only thing the three could scream at the most troublesome beguiling figures before them was “GIRLS!” As they met their Western contesting rivaling foe who stole their gig.

Also some hints to what the cloud like thing in the picture is.... Well first off the inspiration for the picture came from a book I'm currently reading and love can't put down once I pick it up 'Everneath' It's awesome if you haven't checked it out, the cover picture idea came from that books cover.
As for what the cloud is... Well perhaps this hint from the text will give you and idea:
"Bri... Davy whatever you do... get the hell out of their... RUN!" SHe screamed pushing her way through the crowd till she reacehd the end. "Run!" She scremaed, only they barley even broke their long intimate kiss both dreamed of their entire lives. As they both looked up and suddenly the towering cloud of green murky mist enclosed upon them encircled them and they were gone through the swirling form of eery green mist of clouds that had come upon that day out of no where.
(Ok maybe not the best, the chapters a work in progress but I hope that gives you an idea)

So who are these girls? (Starting left to right)

~Frisk (Heather Terese Lee Mei) Black hair, crisp hazel eyes, and somewhat of an Asian complection.
~Ploy (Brigid Annabeth "Annie" Connor) Very fine skin, skin that's very white, golden dark brown hair, light streaks of goldish color in her hair, maybe some copper color in her hair, eyes with a genetic mutation mainly the color is a dark green evergreen color or a rustic brownish green, but they very from golds and hazels as they change throughout the day. Lips shiny redish color rose pink, and very fine figure.
~Rummy (Natalie Jamie Maurice) raged unkept dark dark brown hair, dark brown eyes, somewhat has a Native American apperance though she is not of any origins related to Native American ancestery. Lightly tan skin, and large smile.

I can give a description fuller later on as I have to rush to do some things (such as get ready for work)

Also one of my favorite lines in my story, that is before I got"

Stretch looks to the woman who dare challenge him. "Say whatcha mean you can do dat better."
"Oh my girls and I can do it over one-hundred percent better, and you jerk face know it."
"Oh yeah how so." He sneared his purple eyes trying to look away from the girl smirking towards him as her arms rested on her hips.
"Ever heard of the song Anything you Can Do I can do Better.... Face it we're modern twenty-century girls, as the famous saying goes "We can do anything a man can ten times better while wearing heals"
"Oh yeah prove it..."
"Your on... name the date and time, and will prove it..."
"Hows about now sweetheart.."
"Done" they tightened htier grip as they shook and peered into eachothers eyes heading out the door forgetting about the others.
Stinkie, Fatso, Rummy and Frisk only sat their jaw droped unsure what to make of this.
"You think we should go get dem before this turns out ugly?" Stinkie asked before Frisk shook her head and sorta scoffed at what he said. No matter what she could not contain herself when it came to their old accents, she still could not believe them.
"Nah, if I know her, it's already gotten ugly..."
"This is not going to turn out good at all." Rummy interuped as she growned. "I don't care about you.. But I'm getting Ploy before she hurts the poor man..."
Glaring over at Frisk "You commin"
Fatso gently rolled his eyes "Worry about you friend not our brother, he's the one you gotta look out for." Both girls halted in their tracks, turning around and facing the two ghost brothers.
"Excuss us, but you obviously don't know our friend... We've known her our whole lives.. And if theirs one thing we've learned, it's never compete with her, or even get on her wrong side."
"Nah you know he...."
"Owe holy mother...." Stretch's voice roared out along the grounds "You b... Get back here."
Only the girls smirked while the men were frozen stiff confused "That's are girl" Rummy smirked as she floated through the door and Frisk peered at the boys "Allways right on cew she is." Leaving throuhg the doors to get their friend before something worst came of that day.
Thank you and as always please review :)

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Harley-1979 Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Great concept.  I love the flow of the whole piece.  Love their names too
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